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                   WAP Software(Технология WAP уже есть у MTS-RUS)

WinWAP Software

You can browse WML files locally from your hard-drive, or from the internet with the http protocol ( same as your normal web browser ).

WinWAP download

Audicode WAP Server 1.1

WAP Server 1.1 download

Infinite InterChang

Infinite InterChange is the most powerful e-mail solution available for WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) compatible mobile phones and devices. Infinite InterChange extends the reach of both corporate e-mail systems and ISP (Internet Service Provider) e-mail systems to these mobile devices.

Here is an example of corporate e-mail access using Infinite InterChange:

Infinite InterChang download

Powerful, Corporate WAP Server

- WAPLite connects WAP compatible mobile phones to Internet and Intranet based applications & content. Fast - conversions and low overhead. Scales to hundreds or thousands of users.
- Fetch files and data from any web server, via HTTP, supporting both GET and POST methods.
- WAP stack supports connection less and connection oriented modes over UDP.
- Supports Nokia 7110 and Nokia WAP Toolkit v1.2, with more devices to come

WapLite V 1.10 download

Save in WBMP-format

pic2wmbp is a tool to convert your images made with Adobe Photoshop or Macromedia Fireworks to the WAP-ready WBMP-format.

Please note: pic2wbmp requires Java Runtime Environment 1.1 (or later) for Mac or PC. You can download JRE 1.2.1 from Sun's JDK-Web site.

This little freeware-tool imports graphic files and saves in WBMP-format (TYPE 0: B/W, Uncompressed Bitmap - WAP WAE Specification). WBMP is a graphics format used for example by mobile phones supporting the WAP-protocol.

How to convert image files:

Browse and select the file. You will see a preview of your image on-the-fly. If you want to convert your image file press the convert-button and browse the path where you want the WBMP-File to be saved.
You can also scale and adjust the intensity of the WBMP-file before saving the WBMP-file on your local hard disk.

pic2wmbp V 1.0 for PC download

pic2wmbp V 1.0 for MAC download

WAPtor WML Editor (freeware)

With WAPtor 1.0, WapTop offer first free WML source editor. The intuitive interface presents all of the necessary WAP site-building tools right at your fingertips. Now you can build your WAP site with quick and efective source editing tools. WAPtor supports all basic WML tags as images, tables etc. WML Script support is planed in near future. WAPtor offers Preview mode. You can control your work immediatly in separed window, where is actual WML card shown.

WAPtor V 1.07 download


Wapsody is a set of Java classes that implement most layers of the "Wireless Application Protocol" (WAP) specification.

Wapsody simulates most aspects of WAP. Wapsody is designed to be used as a WAP application building environment. Unique to Wapsody is its ability to faithfully reproduce the behavior of the underlying network bearer service and the protocol layers that build on it -- this feature can be used to simulate the exact behavior of a WAP application both in terms of usability and communications efficiency.

The Wapsody simulation environment can be executed stand-alone, or can execute demos that are being hosted at IBM's Zurich Research Laboratory

Wapsody V1.0 download

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